"The Beekeeper": Jason Statham's Wild Ride of Hilarity!

The Beekeeper opens in theaters everywhere Friday, January 12

The Beekeeper" follows the story of Adam Clay (Jason Statham), a retired government assassin turned benevolent beekeeper. The plot takes a humorous and ultra-violent turn when a phishing attack targets Clay's landlady


Plus Point: "The Beekeeper" prioritizes entertainment over pretentiousness, embracing a humorous and ultra-violent premise.

The film explores Clay's relentless pursuit of the culprits, leading him to confront powerful figures, including former CIA honcho Wallace Westwyld (Jeremy Irons) and a tech pirate named Derek Danforth (Josh Hutcherson).

Minus Points: The movie's plot, involving a conspiracy by a shadow organization called "the Beekeepers," is deemed ludicrous and lacks clarity on its nature.

"The Beekeeper" delivers an entertaining blend of humor, ultra-violence, and political commentary, with Jason Statham's parody-like performance adding flair. However, its absurd plot and attempts to draw real-world parallels may polarize audiences, making it a hit-or-miss action-comedy.