By Cinesavage

The Most Popular Ted Lasso Cast

Sudeikis drew inspiration for Ted Lasso from his own experiences playing high school basketball and his uncle, a college basketball coach.

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

Waddingham, in real life, is an accomplished stage actress and even played the role of the Witch in the original West End production of "Into the Woods."

TitHannah Waddingham as Rebecca Weltonle 2

Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent:Goldstein, who plays the tough and gruff Roy Kent, is actually a stand-up comedian in real life, known for his sharp wit and humor

Juno Temple as Keeley Jones:Temple, despite playing a London-based character in the show, is originally from England and has a diverse filmography, including roles in major Hollywood productions

Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard:Hunt is not just an actor; he's also one of the creators and writers of Ted Lasso. His character, Coach Beard, is partially based on his own experiences living in England

Nick Mohammed as Nathan:Mohammed, in addition to acting, is an accomplished comedian and writer. He has been involved in various comedy projects before landing the role of Nate in Ted Lasso.

Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt:Dunster is a versatile actor who, before Ted Lasso, gained recognition for his work in theater, including an Olivier Award nomination for his role in "Pink Mist."

Jeremy Swift as Leslie Higgins:Swift has a diverse acting career, having appeared in both dramatic roles (such as Downton Abbey) and comedies. He brings a wealth of experience to the character of Higgins.

Andrea Anders as Michelle Lasso:Anders, who plays Ted's ex-wife Michelle, has a background in sitcoms, having previously starred in shows like "Joey" and "Better Off Ted."

Ellie Taylor as Flo “Sassy” Collins:Taylor, who plays the sports journalist Sian, is not only an actress but also a well-known comedian and television presenter in the UK.