7 Lucifer Episodes That'll Send You to Heaven

By Cinesavage

This iconic debut sets the stage for everything we love about Lucifer

Pilot (S1, Ep 1)

 This episode delves into Lucifer's demon sidekick backstory

Maze (S2, Ep 10)

Lucifer tries to prove he can be a good therapist, leading to hilariously awkward sessions

The Good Doctor (S3, Ep 15)

Lucifer gets stuck in a time loop reliving the same day, forcing him to confront his relationship with Chloe.

O, Lucifer! (S4, Ep 5)

Trapped in her own mind palace, Chloe confronts her doubts about Lucifer and ultimately reaffirms her faith in him.

My Lucifer (S5, Ep 11)

Lucifer and Chloe team up to solve a celestial case, facing danger and challenges together.

Partners 'Til the End (S6, Ep 7)

In the depths of Hell, Lucifer confronts his deepest fears and desires

A Chance in Hell(S6, Ep 9)