Did You know these facts about Leah Jeffries?

Jeffries was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Floyd S. Jeffries Jr. and Leah Jeffries. Floyd Jeffries, her older brother, is an actress and model as well. 

Early life

Prior to her acting debut, Jeffries worked as a model for children's products for Carol's Daughter. Jeffries' acting debut was at age 5 as Lola Lyon on Empire.


Annabeth is the daughter of Athena and one of Percy's best friends.

Leah Jeffries as – Annabeth Chase

Norah Samuels is Nate's youngest daughter. She has a slightly better relationship with her father, but often acts as the mediator between Nate and Mer.

Leah Jeffries as -Norah Samuels in Beast

Daisy is Ethan's daughter and his ultimate partner-in-crime. She even accompanies her father on the trip to Tiffany's to find the ideal engagement ring for Vanessa.

Leah Jeffries as -Daisy in Something from Tiffany's