Did You Know? 7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Kris Kristofferson!

American singer-songwriter-actor Kris Kristofferson is well-known for his famous country songs "Me and Bobby McGee," "Help Me Make It Through the Night," "For the Good Times," and "Once More with Feeling." He is also recognized for his gritty good looks.

What has made Kris Kristofferson well-known?

His first compilation of brand-new songs in over a decade was This Old Road (2006). Feeling Mortal (2013) and Closer to the Bone (2009) were his next two releases. The Cedar Creek Sessions, a two-disc box set featuring his best-known tracks that had been recorded in 2014, was made available in 2016.


In 1985, Kristofferson was admitted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and in 2004 he was admitted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Among the many honors he received were the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (2014) and the Songwriters Hall of Fame Johnny Mercer Award (2006).

Awards Won By Kris Kristofferson

In 1960, Kris Kristofferson enlisted in the US Army and was assigned as a Ranger. While stationed in West Germany, he gained helicopter piloting experience. After serving in the military, he declined a teaching post at West Point Academy and instead to live in Nashville, where he started a singing career.

What did Kris Kristofferson do in the army?

Kris Kristofferson, during the 1980s, started a band with fellow country musicians Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson. The group, which became known informally as the Highwaymen, released three albums over the course of a decade.

Who were the original members of Kris Kristofferson's band the Highwaymen?

Kris Kristofferson won his first Grammy for the 1971 song "Help Me Make It Through the Night."

For which song did Kris Kristofferson win his first Grammy?