Disney Drops Jonathan Majors After Guilty Verdict! What Happens to Kang The Conqueror Now?

Jonathan Majors has left the Marvel Studios realm. The news was released today, following the Emmy-nominated actor's conviction for reckless assault and harassment by a six-person jury in his domestic abuse trial in New York City. The report regarding their choice to not proceed with Majors in the MCU was verified by a studio representative.

Majors' formerly bright career has taken a sharp turn after he was detained on March 26 for fighting angrily with Jabbari in a hired SUV while traveling to his Chelsea area residence in New York. Majors is 34 years old. On Monday, he was found guilty of two of the four charges brought against him by New York

Jabbari testified four days straight to a Manhattan jury during the two-week trial, claiming that she and Major became intimate after she saw amorous texts on Major's phone. Majors twisted her arm in a way that caused her "excruciating pain" and smacked her in the head, according to Jabbari, who told jurors that Majors did this after he took the device from him.

Street camera film shown during the trial showed Majors taking back the phone, getting out of the car, and running through the streets of lower Manhattan while Jabbari pursued after him.

According to Deadline, the movie was intended to represent the beginning of a new era in the studio's cinematic history and pave the way for future collaborations between the actor and Marvel, including the two seasons of the Loki television series and the May 2026 release of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. According to a report from the Hollywood Reporter, the feature film is still in the writing stage and has not started shooting. There isn't a director connected at the moment.

It is still unclear if the studio will abandon any upcoming projects centered around the character and take the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a different direction, or if the character of Kang will be recast (a la Terrance Howard and Don Cheadle in the Captain America series) and continue to appear in films.

As of the time of publication, Marvel had not responded to a request for comment from the Guardian regarding their partnership with Majors. After starring in The Last Black Man in San Francisco and going on to star in blockbusters like Devotion, Lovecraft Country, The Harder They Fall, Da 5 Bloods, and Creed III, Majors was formerly seen as a rising star in Hollywood.

The Lede Company, Majors' public relations firm, has let go of the actor, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Additionally, his supervisors at Entertainment 360 let him go. Majors may spend up to a year in jail upon receiving a sentence in February for the third-degree assault offence.