K-Drama Bonanza: Netflix's Latest Picks!

By Cinesavage

The story follows Jung Da-eun (Park Bo-young), a nurse in the Psychiatry Department at a hospital

Daily Dose of Sunshine

Based on Min Song-ah’s The Girl Downstairs, Doona! excels in both comedy and romance


Park Jae-eon navigate the complexities of a friends-with-benefits relationship


A Time Called You finds its rhythm with moments of true suspense and tension, perfectly realized by Yeo-been and Ahn Hyo-Seop’s lead performances.

A Time Called You

The endearing chemistry of the lead couple fuels the comforting narrative fire from creator Cheon Sung-il, who takes a well-worn rom-com genre

King the Land

Bloodhounds is a fist-pumping, breakneck action crime drama from South Korea with masterful fight choreography and acting.