10 Must Watch Cartoony Shows Like Rick And Morty

Shows Like Rick And Morty: With a dedicated fan base, Rick and Morty is one of Cartoon Network’s biggest hits. It’s also one of the greatest shows available on HBO Max right now, and for your convenience, it’s available on Hulu in addition to HBO Max. Therefore, if you’re one of its fans, you might be looking for more Rick and Morty-like programs. We can help you.

In the adult animated sitcom, Rick, a mad scientist, embarks on outrageous journeys to alternative dimensions alongside his grandson Morty. The two divide their time between their domestic life with their family and their international travels.

Shows Like Rick And Morty
Shows Like Rick And Morty

The greatest shows like Rick and Morty that are currently available to stream are listed below, some of which are original streaming that you won’t find anywhere else.

10+ Cartoony Shows Like Rick And Morty

1. Bojack Horseman -Shows Like Rick And Morty

A few animated comedies try to ground their humour in real-world issues and substantial character growth. This is precisely why the title character of Bojack Horseman, one of the most nuanced and skillfully written characters in history, is so fascinating to watch.

Even though the first few episodes do not seem particularly noteworthy, they are still essential for setting up the world and its characters. It’s also a great way to introduce the viewers to Bojack Horseman’s deeper themes gradually, giving these incidents more significance after they grow to love the characters and accept all of their shortcomings.

Within the realm of “Shows Like Rick and Morty,” “BoJack Horseman” is notable for having a similar affinity for taking on intricate, real-life subjects while retaining a keen sense of humor.

2. Harley Quinn – Shows Like Rick And Morty

This animated series centres on Harley Quinn from DC Comics as she tries to establish herself in the Gotham City Underworld following her split from the Joker.

Harley Quinn’s witty interpretation of Batman mythology gives the DC Universe a fresh perspective. The show has been made much more distinctive by giving characters like King Shark, Clayface, and Kite Man a chance to shine.

Harley Quinn has a great sense of humour, but the show also delves into deeper themes. You warm up to Harley because of her compelling relationships with the Joker, Poison Ivy, and other members of the cast. Harley Quinn strikes an unexpectedly good balance between humour and serious topics such as abuse.

The animated television series “Harley Quinn” is a terrific addition to the list of “Shows Like Rick and Morty” because it offers an engaging mix of humor, satire, and a distinctive take on DC Comics characters.

3. Arrested Development – Shows Like Rick And Morty

Many people believe that Arrested Development is one of the greatest sitcoms ever made, both in terms of humor and intelligence. The series centers on the dysfunctional Bluth family and the many struggles they encounter following a significant fall from grace, much like most of the well-known comedy shows.

The program’s hilarious writing was a major factor in its success, and it had a significant impact on American sitcoms going ahead. The fact that the new season fell short of the previous season’s caliber is unfortunate, but it’s a minor quibble in an otherwise hilarious program.You should put Arrested Development on your watchlist if you enjoy smart and comical shows like Rick and Morty.

4. Community – Shows Like Rick And Morty

Dan Harmon’s creation, Community, was largely overlooked for most of its run. With time, though, the program rose to fame as a cult favourite thanks to its witty and concise writing.

It seemed unlikely that a community college could be so hilarious, but only a talented writer like Dan Harmon could pull this concept off with such skill. It was entertaining reading about Joel and his friends’ journey through the highs and lows of Greendale’s madness!

5. Invader Zim – Shows Like Rick And Morty

So dark comedy fans will enjoy Invader Zim Invader Zim, a 2001 Nickelodeon series, centers on an alien from the planet Irk. who, in spite of his ultimate goal of destroying the Earth, finds himself enrolled in an elementary school in the process. The series’ main conflict centers on Zim and Dib, his rival. A classmate who promises to make Zim’s mission public is the only person who knows that he is an alien. The combination of darker themes and a twisted sense of humor makes Invader Zim so entertaining.Fans of dark comedy who are looking for shows like Rick and Morty will undoubtedly find “Invader Zim” intriguing.

Like Rick and Morty, Invader Zim doesn’t hesitate to take unusual concepts or storylines. episodes in which Zim is obtaining human organs or defending the Earth against an alien invasion that has nothing to do with either topic. With a funny show and an amazing cast of characters, the series embraces its bizarre tone. This science fiction comedy is beautifully twisted.

6. The Boys Presents: Diabolical – Shows Like Rick And Morty

One of the newest and most popular shows on television is The Boys, a rare example of an adaptation that improves upon its original material in spite of deviating from it in some areas. Characters like Homelander and Butcher are fascinating in and of themselves, and it’s entertaining to watch how Supes are idolized and how this show breaks down this facade.

Each season of The Boys has been a work of art in and of itself, and viewers are eager to see how the monumental events that have already occurred are built upon in the upcoming seasons. Fans can pass the time during this wait by watching The Boys Presents: Diabolical, an anthology animated series which does a fantastic job of adding depth to the show’s world and providing viewers with fresh content from independent creators.You should put The Boys on your watchlist if you enjoy smart and comedic shows like Rick and Morty.

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7. Solar Opposites – Shows Like Rick And Morty

A show where Justin Roiland plays the leading role of a member of a dysfunctional family? It sounds a lot like Rick & Morty, and Solar Opposites is probably the best show to watch for fans of this well-liked science fiction program.

Solar Opposites is a fantastic watch because the humor is much in line with Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s other co-creation. It almost seems like a spin-off due to how much the artwork resembles Rick & Morty!

8. Family Guy – Shows Like Rick And Morty

There is no arguing that Family Guy still has its unique moments, even though the current seasons are undoubtedly among their worst. Family Guy was one of the funniest and most watched TV programs in its prime.

Family Guy was a very different kind of television due to its cutaway gags and absurd plots. Even now, each episode of the first few seasons is jam-packed with hilarious moments and jokes.

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9. Disenchantment – Shows Like Rick And Morty

With Matt Groening’s stellar background working on Futurama and The Simpsons, it’s clear that the expectations for Disenchantment were high. Let’s just say the show was excellent.

The program makes excellent use of this backdrop by adopting a distinctive medieval fantasy setting. Bean, Elfo, and Luci are all very endearing characters, and it’s a lot of fun to see Dreamland change over the course of the four seasons.

10. Close Enough – Shows Like Rick And Morty

This original HBO Max series focuses on Joshua and Emily. A married couple lives with their daughter Candice, six years old, and their friends, Alex and Bridgette, who are divorced. A group of millennials trying to settle down and become adults is the subject of the television series. The fingerprints of Close Enough’s creator, JG Quintel (The Regular Show) are visible everywhere.If you’re on the lookout for “Shows Like Rick and Morty,” “Close Enough” is a must-watch.

Although its themes are obviously more sophisticated than those of the Cartoon Network series, it shares a tone and artistic style with The Regular Show. Even though the show’s humor is geared towards a very specific audience and may not appeal to everyone, it still tells a fun story with a fantastic cast of characters. Joshua and his group found themselves in absurd situations, and the 11-minute ride is always entertaining.

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