8 Best Shows Like Peaky Blinders

Shows Like Peaky Blinders: The script, acting, and visual aesthetic of “Peaky Blinders” have won praise from critics. One very well-regarded performance is Cillian Murphy’s portrayal of Tommy Shelby. As one of the most fashionable and captivating crime dramas on television, the series enjoys a large fan base.

Shows Like Peaky Blinders

8 Best Shows Like Peaky Blinders

Animal Kingdom (2016–2022) – Shows Like Peaky Blinders

A young man named “J” is the main character of Animal Kingdom. He must move in with his estranged family after his mother overdoses on heroin and dies.

Animal Kingdom

These relatives are revealed to be a criminal family, and J quickly gets embroiled in their illicit activities. Not only is it another fantastic drama about a crime family, a la Peaky Blinders, but Finn Cole, who portrays J on the programme, is the same Finn Cole that fans may know as Michael Grey from Peaky Blinders.

Better Call Saul (2015–2022) – Shows Like Peaky Blinders

Better Call Saul is undoubtedly among the greatest spin-off series ever, with some fans even suggesting that it could be on par with Breaking Bad in terms of quality. It retains some of the greatest aspects of the first series while introducing fresh, interesting plots that set it apart.

Better Call Saul

The show chronicles the life of Jimmy McGill, the man who would later become Saul Goodman, and examines the various ethical quandaries he encounters as well as his solutions. One of the best crime programmes in recent memory is Better Call Saul, which is full of crime and sympathetic, sometimes even likeable, villains.

Frontier (2016–2018) – Shows Like Peaky Blinders

In the historical drama Frontier, the fur trade in Canada during the 1700s is explored. Though it doesn’t sound like it would contain a lot of drama and action, it does. Similar to Peaky Blinders, there is conflict between many factions. Frontier wants a piece of the fur trade business for itself.


It is much more than just violent action, too, much like Peaky Blinders, thanks to its amazing plot and historical background. In addition, it showcases one of Jason Momoa’s best performances, which will entice viewers to watch.

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Ripper Street (2012–2016) – Shows Like Peaky Blinders

Part of the aesthetic of Peaky Blinders and Ripper Street is witnessing a world of cobblestone streets and period clothes combined with a horrific plot. Ripper Street, which is set in Victorian England following the Jack the Ripper murders, centres on Detective Inspector Edmund Reid and the members of the H Division of Whitechapel, his team of detectives.

For those who are interested in historical cases and investigations, Ripper Street is a fantastic television series that showcases Jack the Ripper in one of its best forms. Even if this information doesn’t pique your interest, the show still has great acting and compelling storylines that will keep you watching. It’s a great choice for a wide range of fans.

Sons Of Anarchy (2008–2014) – Shows Like Peaky Blinders

Sons of Anarchy may not be a historical story, but it more than makes up for that by being a modern drama. Charlie Hunnam plays vice president of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original (SAMCRO) Jackson “Jax” Teller in this FX series.

Similar to Tommy Shelby, Jax frequently attempted to lead the group towards more respectable employment but was always drawn back into the violent environment, where a darkness slowly took over. Among the many reasons the show has garnered such a devoted fan base are the compelling and poignant excursions it offers its audience. The programme has earned a rightful position in the annals of contemporary television.

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The Sinner (2017–2021) – Shows Like Peaky Blinders

The Sinner, starring Bill Pullman as Harry Ambrose, follows a detective who looks into a string of crimes. Because it’s an anthology series, every season has a different plot with Ambrose serving as the unifying theme. Because each season offers unique and engaging elements, the programme never feels old.

Fans of Peaky Blinders can check out The Sinner, which just concluded its four-season run, if they’re eager to dive into another exciting story full of mystery, intrigue, and, of course, a fair dose of criminality.

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Taboo (2017) – Shows Like Peaky Blinders

Fans of the show will undoubtedly be drawn to Tom Hardy’s appearance in another period crime drama set in London, as he stole several scenes in Peaky Blinders as Alfie Solomons. Taboo is interesting, edgy, and dark. James Keziah Delaney, an adventurer, has returned home after inheriting his late father’s shipping company in this novel, which is set in London during the War of 1812.


Delaney quickly discovers that in his pursuit of making the company lucrative, he has also inherited his father’s numerous
foes—those who will stop at nothing to obtain what is rightfully theirs. Taboo delivers an amazing experience with gripping narratives and outstanding acting.

Boardwalk Empire (2010–2014) – Shows Like Peaky Blinders

Another period drama from the 1920s, Boardwalk Empire, is centred on American gangsters of the same era as Peaky Blinders. This show, which was created by Terence Winter and distributed by HBO, has it all: stunning scenery and costumes, drama, crime, superb acting, and a compelling plot that keeps viewers interested from beginning to end. The main character of Boardwalk Empire is Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), the largest bootlegger in the state of New Jersey and the treasurer of Atlantic City.

Shows Like Peaky Blinders
There are appearances by several well-known mob figures, including Meyer Lansky, Arnold Rothstein, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, and Al Capone. Boardwalk Empire offers viewers a tonne of captivating information across its five seasons.

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