Salman’s Warning: Aishwarya’s Tough Moment in Bigg Boss 17! Watch

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 17 promo shows Aishwarya Sharma how Neil Bhatt would respond to her regular insults one day.

This season of Bigg Boss 17 features two married couples, one of which is Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt. A new promo shows Bigg Boss host Salman Khan lecturing Aishwarya on how she treats her husband Neil Bhatt in the house. He predicts that their relationship will end in disaster and shows her how Neil might react to her one day.

What Salman said to Aishwarya
Bigg Boss’ official X page shared the promo with the caption: “Aishwarya ka Neil ki taraf bartaav dekh kar Salman ne di usse warning (Salman warns Aishwarya after observing her behaviour with Neil).” He begins his speech by imitating Aishwarya and saying, “aye chal, tu chal (get lost).” “The way Aishwarya disrespects Neil… that is not okay,” he continues. I see where you’re going, and it’s an invitation for disaster.”

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