5 Best Ryan Gosling Movies To Watch the Most Versatile Actor in Hollywood!

Best Ryan Gosling Movie
Best Ryan Gosling Movie

Ryan Gosling Movie:Ryan Gosling made his acting debut as a neo-Nazi in the Sundance-winning independent thriller The Believer. Since then, he has gradually but surely become one of the best actors of his generation. The two-time versatile Academy Award nominee actor, best known to science fiction fans as K from the cult masterpiece Blade Runner 2049 and to romance fans as Noah from the heartbreaking The Notebook, has been exhibiting his talents in a few different genres, typically nailing each one.

5 Best Ryan Gosling Movie

1. DRIVE (2011)

Ryan Gosling Movie
Ryan Gosling Movie

Gosling was chosen as the main character in Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn’s highly stylized adaptation of the 2005 book. Gosling’s character, who works as a stunt driver in Hollywood, also doubles as a getaway driver for a crime boss played by the excellent Albert Brooks. Gosling gets entangled with Carey Mulligan, a neighbor, whose ex-husband Oscar Isaac tries to devise a scheme for a failed million-dollar robbery. What makes “Drive” so amazing, aside from Refn’s direction, is Gosling’s mysterious performance, which leaves you wondering just where his allegiances lie.

2. LA LA LAND (2016)

In the highly anticipated musical by writer/director Damien Chazelle, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, his co-star from “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” were reunited.

Ryan Gosling Movies
Ryan Gosling Movies: LA LA LAND (2016)

Sebastian Wilder, portrayed by Gosling, is an aspirant jazz pianist who meets and subsequently falls in love with actress Mia Dolan (Stone). Amidst the sounds of their residents’ singing and playing of music, their romance blossoms against the backdrop of Los Angeles. Gosling received his fourth Screen Actors Guild nomination, his second Academy Award nomination, and his first Golden Globe Award as Sebastian.

3. THE NICE GUYS (2016)

Ryan Gosling Movie
Ryan Gosling Movie

I adore Shane Black’s “The Nice Guys,” especially Ryan Gosling’s bold and audacious performance in this neo-noir action comedy. Call me crazy. Gosling plays drunken, down-on-his-luck private eye Holland March in 1977s Los Angeles. Gosling wears a forearm cast, a droopy mustache, and a confused expression when he takes a job from an old woman (Lois Smith) who says she saw her deceased niece (Margaret Qualley) alive. However, the niece is determined not to be found and employs enforcer Jackson Heally (played by Russell Crowe) to put an end to March; this decision transforms “The Nice Guys” into an incredibly hilarious buddy comedy.

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4. HALF NELSON (2006)

Ryan Gosling Movie

As a young, inner-city middle school teacher named Dan Dunne, whose approach to teaching has won him praise, Gosling was nominated for his first Academy Award. However, Dan’s life is a complete wreck outside of the classroom due to his cocaine addiction. Dan soon starts using drugs more carelessly, and while he is getting high in the school locker room, Drey, one of his students (Shareeka Epps), catches him. Gosling received his first Screen Actors Guild nomination for his portrayal of Dan.

5. BARBIE (2023)

Ryan Gosling Movie

Upon Gosling’s casting as Ken in Greta Gerwig’s comedic fantasy picture “Barbie,” fans might have questioned his ability to breathe life into even the most lifeless doll. We now understand. In Gosling’s hands, Ken is a wonderfully nuanced figure. After being forced to adore Barbie at first, he undergoes a metamorphosis and soon comes to enjoy every luxury that the patriarchy can provide males. Not only does Gosling have a great sense of humor, but he also manages to translate the humor into his physicality, which is no small accomplishment. Not only is Gosling’s performance in “Barbie” one of his funniest ever, but it’s also one of his best-ever cinematic performances overall.

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