Breakout or Breakdown? ‘Poor Things’ Movie Review with Emma Stone’s Twist!

Poor Things Movie is not Lanthimos’ most accomplished work. This is Lanthimos’ most entertaining work on cinema, though I think The Killing of a Sacred Deer still has that title.

Poor Things Movie
Poor Things Movie

Star Cast: Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo, Ramy Youssef, Jerrod Carmichel, Christopher Abbot, and Margaret Qualley

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

What’s Good: This movie offers a distinctive experience because of its peculiar plot and amazing cinematography.

What’s Bad: As it enters its third act, the movie loses some of its momentum and doesn’t land as hard as it could have

Loo Break: If you need a break, now is the time; the Paris segment drags on a little too long.

Should You Watch It?: Poor Things is a must-watch simply because it features Lanthimos at the height of his directing prowess.

The language is subtitled in English.

Accessible via: Theater release

Duration: 141 minutes.

Although Poor Thing is a strange film, it is also one of Lanthimos’s most enjoyable and lighthearted works, therefore it should be avoided by general viewers. It’s okay for anyone to walk on to something else if they’re not in the mood to watch an odd film that will make you reevaluate narrative, visual design, and even performance. Still, those in the audience who like the strange will have fun exploring this realm.

The film Poor Thing shares many similarities with the current Barbie film, telling the story of a young woman’s journey of self-discovery. But in many other respects as well, Barbie never really let its lead character, Bella, fully explore the world she so desperately wanted to be a part of. Through this, Bella discovers everything that makes life both wonderful and terrible at the same time. This is something that Poor Things’ lead character, Bella, is given the opportunity to do.

poor things movie
Poor things movie

The parallels don’t stop there. Just as Barbie skipped ahead to the conclusion without providing a compelling reason, Poor Things also has a disorganized third act. The protagonist reaches a perfectly reasonable conclusion, but the movie continues for a little while longer without providing a reason. The latter third of the movie feels a little pointless and detracts from the overall pace of the picture, acting as an odd digression that could have been omitted.

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Poor Things Movie Review: Star Performance

Emma Stone’s show is titled Poor Things. The actor thrives at what the screenplay asks of her and feels fearless, brave, and confident in her ability as a performer.

Because Stone isn’t afraid to laugh at and with herself about all the ridiculous things that transpire in the movie, her comedic skills really come in handy. With no one to prove to and an Oscar already under her belt, Stone’s confidence enables her to dive headfirst into these more daring ventures.

It’s also obvious that Stone is at ease working with Lanthimos, and their collaboration will surely lead to more beautiful ventures such as this one. The remaining members of the cast are likewise quite good.

The second character with the most screen time is Mark Ruffalo, but he has received a lot of press for a role that, in light of the numerous tales of debauchery attributed to him, is actually rather pitiful and subdued. Youssef and Dafoe portray characters who are far more interesting, and they ought to be given far more credit.

Emma Stone
Poor things movie

It isn’t Lanthimos’ best movie, though, is it? Though, in my opinion, The Killing of a Sacred Deer still retains that distinction, Lanthimos’s work here is the most enjoyable.

When it comes to a woman attempting to discover herself in the world and conquering the various obstacles that come with it, the movie is everything that Barbie attempted to be but was unable to achieve.

While Poor Things is undoubtedly not for everyone, it is a movie that everyone should see, even if they don’t think they would enjoy it.

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