Horror Movies Like The Ritual You Must Watch

In the past ten years, folk horror has experienced a revival because of movies like The Ritual, which gave the genre a contemporary spin and featured one of the most stunning screen monsters in recent memory.

In this spine-tingling horror by David Bruckner, four former college colleagues travel to Sweden for a hiking vacation. They choose to take a break through the forest after one of them strains his ankle but soon discover that they are being followed by a malevolent force.

Check out this list of fantastic choices if you enjoy movies like The Ritual.

movies like the ritual
Movies Like The Ritual


1. The Seventh Day (2021)

In this horror movie, written and directed by Justin P. Lange, Guy Pearce, Keith David, and Stephen Lang are the main actors. In it, a novice priest and an experienced exorcist arrive for their first day of instruction, but as they delve farther into Earth’s version of hell, they discover that the boundaries between good and evil aren’t always so clear.

2. Apostle (2018)

A very twisted religious horror film set in 1905 is called Apostle. Apostle, a horrifying and stylish Netflix film with the kind of distinctive tone we’ve come to expect from Evans, is directed by him. Starring as Thomas Richardson is Dan Stevens. Thomas finds out that his sister has been abducted and is being held for ransom by a religious cult on a remote island not long after returning to his house in London.

He travels to the island in search of her and infiltrates the local population. There, he learns that the cult’s influence goes far beyond a narrow area and has really perverted mainland culture. Thomas discovers a secret that is more horrible than he could have ever imagined while looking for his sister.

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3. Eden Lake (2008)

In the woods, there are other dangers besides monsters to be aware of. A couple travels to a remote romantic location in the English countryside, only for several young yobs to ruin the atmosphere. It’s not a good idea to confront them…

This stark and cruel story, which James Watkins directed, plays on the British phobia of “hoodies.” As the hapless parents being terrorised by the children, Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender do well.

All the way up to its horrific end, Eden Lake is terrifying. Not for those with weak hearts.

4. The Day of the Lord (2020)

A retired priest is haunted by his misdeeds in the Mexican horror film The Day of the Lord. When a friend asks him to help with his daughter who is possessed, he finds himself drawn back into the shadows against his will.

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5. The Descent (2005)

An exploring adventure with six women goes tragically wrong. They are trapped beneath and are being pursued by an odd race of cave-dwelling carnivores.

Neil Marshall delivered a smoother, scarier sequel to fulfil the promise of Dog Soldiers. Before the creatures appear, The Descent is frightful, but once they do, it really spirals out of control.

For lovers of movies like The Ritual, The Descent is a truly terrifying adrenaline experience.

6. Troll Hunter (2010)

In collaboration with a professional hunter, a group of students venture into the Norwegian wilderness to look into a string of bear killings. They find that the offenders are more bigger and more dangerous than they had anticipated.

With this found-footage mockumentary, André vredal became well known. The supporting cast of unknowns does fine, but the focus is really on the trolls, which arrive in a creative variety of forms and dimensions.

Troll Hunter isn’t terrifying, but it’s a lot of fun if you’re seeking for more movies like The Ritual where magical creatures lurk in the forests.

7. The Witch (2015)

A conservative Christian family established a homestead on the edge of the woods in New England in the 17th century. They blame their eldest daughter for the missing newborn’s disappearance and accuse her of witchcraft.

With this terrifying story, Robert Eggers made an excellent debut. From the genuine speech to the ominous score, the movie is exquisitely made, and each and every performance is superb. As the daughter who is victimised by her own family, Anya Taylor-Joy excels.

One of the best horror films of the twenty-first century is The Witch, which has been praised by none other than the Satanic Temple.

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