Top 8 Movies Like The Proposal Must Watch

Movies Like The Proposal: Step into the gripping world of deceit, intrigue, and unexpected twists as we unveil a curated list of 10 thriller movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat, much like the suspenseful rollercoaster ride of ‘The Proposal.’ If you’re a fan of unexpected alliances and the undeniable chemistry that you found in ‘The Hating Game,’ then this list is tailor-made for your next movie night.

Movies Like The Proposal
The Proposal

What Proposal is all about?

1. The Other Woman

Kate believes Mark is a nice person and they are married to him. However, in actuality, he is secretly seeing Carly, a lady who is unaware of his marriage.

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Movies Like The Proposal

Movies Like The Proposal: The Other WomanWhen he claims he has to meet with a client and won’t be returning home, but in really, he intends to see Carly. However, he informs Kate he’ll cancel the meeting when she says she’ll accompany him. He then informs Carly that he has a home-based matter to attend to. When Carly tries to surprise him, she encounters Kate, who gets scared and leaves. Later, Kate finds Carly and inquires about the involvement of both her and her husband. When she grudgingly acknowledges it, Kate loses it. As they come closer later, Kate is at a loss for what to do.

2. Blended

Recently divorced mom Lauren (Drew Barrymore) and widowed dad Jim (Adam Sandler) let their friends push them into a blind date, which goes disastrously wrong. Unsurprisingly, neither wants to see the other ever again.

Movies Like The Proposal
Movies Like The Proposal: Blended

However, fate intervenes when both Jim and Lauren, unbeknown to each other, purchase one-half of the same vacation package at a South African resort; they and their children are forced to share the same suite and participate in a slew of family activities together.

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3. The Back-up Plan

Zoe (Jennifer Lopez), fed up with waiting around for Mr. Right as her biological clock runs out, thinks it’s time to schedule an appointment with the sperm bank. She meets Stan (Alex O’Loughlin), man who could be her perfect match, the day of her procedure. 

Movies Like The Proposal
Movies Like The Proposal: The Back-up Plan

Stan commits to the relationship after finding that Zoe’s erratic behavior is result of her pregnancy.Both lovers come to the realization that they truly don’t know each other without baby in the picture as the due date draws near.

4. The Change-Up

Over time, Dave (Jason Bateman) and Mitch (Ryan Reynolds), who were once best friends, have grown apart. While Mitch has mostly escaped the typical adult obligations thus far, Dave is an overworked lawyer and family guy.

Movies Like The Proposal
Movies Like The Proposal: The Change-Up

After a drunken outburst, the men wake up to discover they have mysteriously switched bodies. They are both jealous of the other’s existence. After quickly realizing that things are not as perfect as they initially appeared to be, Dave and Mitch search for a means to get their lives back to normal.

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5. The Hating Game

Lucy, who is determined to succeed professionally without sacrificing her morals, starts a vicious rivalry with her cold-blooded and calculating adversary Joshua. This rivalry is exacerbated by Lucy’s growing feelings for Joshua.

Movies Like The Hating Game
Movies Like The Proposal: Hating Game

6. Destination Wedding

The tale of Lindsay and Frank, two rude and sad wedding guests who grow to love each other in spite of themselves. The tale of Lindsay and Frank, two rude and sad wedding guests who grow to love each other in spite of themselves.

Destination Wedding
Movies Like The Proposal: Destination Wedding

7. Love & Other Drugs

The film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Oliver Platt, Hank Azaria, Josh Gad, and Gabriel Macht, follows the story of a pharmaceutical seller in 1990s Pittsburgh who begins a connection with a young woman suffering from an illness that leads to Parkinson’s disease.

Love & Other Drugs
Movies Like The Proposal: Love & Other Drugs

8. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

The antics of booze merchants Mike and Dave Stangle, brothers, spoil family get-togethers. Their parents tell them that in order to stay out of trouble, they must bring dates to their younger sister Jeanie’s wedding in Hawaii. On Craigslist, Mike and Dave posted a request for dates.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Movies Like The Proposal: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

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