7 Terrific Horror Movies Like The Mist In 2023

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The Mist is a 2007 horror movie that was directed by Frank Darabont and based on Stephen King’s book of the same name. The movie depicts the tale of a tiny hamlet that is abruptly engulfed in a shadowy mist filled with dreadful creatures. The survivors must contend with the ethical questions that arise in the face of dire circumstances in addition to their fight for survival.

movies like the mist

The human reaction to harsh circumstances, the results of naive faith, and the psychological implications of solitude are the main topics of the film. The movie shows how individuals respond when they are tested to the limit and how they can turn against one another in difficult circumstances.

Check out these excellent choices if you’re looking for more tense scary movies like The Mist.


1. Evil Dead Rise (2023) – Movies Like The Mist

Evil Dead Rise
Movies like The Mist: Evil Dead Rise

Sutherland and Sullivan portray two distant sisters in “Evil Dead Rise,” whose reunion is cut short by the appearance of flesh-eating demons. She forcing them to fight for their lives in the most horrifying ways they could imagine.

Watch the trailer here

2. It Comes at Night (2017) – Movies Like The Mist

 It Comes at Night
Movies like The Mist: It Comes at Night

Following a mysterious cataclysm that leaves the planet with few survivors, two families are compelled to live together in an uneasy alliance to fight off the evil outside, only to discover that the real horror may be hidden within.If you are looking for movies like the Mist these movie will give you same essence.

Watch the trailer here

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3. The Nun (2018) – Movies Like The Mist

The Nun
Movies like The Mist: The Nun

The Vatican sends a priest with a troubled background and a movitiate who is about to take her final vows to investigate when a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania. Together, they discover the order’s terrible secret. They are in danger of losing merely their lives.

Watch the trailer here

4. Smile (2022) – Movies Like The Mist

Movies like The Mist: Smile

Dr Rose Cotter witnesses horrifying incident involving a patient to have dreadful experiences. An overwhelming nightmare forcing her to confront her turbulent past in order to survive and escape her horrific new environment. People who are looking for similar tast just movies like the mist should definitely add this to your collection.

Watch the trailer here

5. Life (2017) – Movies Like The Mist

Movies like The Mist: Life

Astronauts (Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds) aboard the International Space Station have discovered the first proof of life from other planets on Mars.

Members of the crew conduct their investigation.They find that the fast-evolving life-form turns out to be considerably more clever and frightening than anyone could have expected.

Watch the trailer here

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6. The Road (2009) – Movies Like The Mist

movies like the mist
Movies like The Mist: The Road

After a disaster, America is a gloomy, grey shadow of itself. In this post-apocalyptic world, a dad (Viggo Mortensen) and his young son (Kodi Smit-McPhee) are striving to preserve the dream of civilisation.

They travel towards the sea, making do with what they can scavenge, and attempt to stay away from roving bands of barbaric humans.

The Road offers one of the most horrifyingly inventive movie monsters in recent memory, while movies like The Mist dazzle with their fantastical creatures.

Watch the trailer here

7. Midsommar (2019) – Movies Like The Mist

Movies like The Mist: Midsommar

The gloomy conclusion is similar to The Mist makes them stand out from the crowd.A couple travels to Sweden to celebrate the famed midsummer party in a friend’s small town. An starts out as a peaceful retreat quickly turns into a weird competition at the hands of a religious cult.

Watch the trailer here

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