Movies Like The Departed That You Must See

Martin Scorsese’s The Departed is a joy to see, even though it is a remake of the similarly excellent 2002 Hong Kong crime-thriller picture Infernal Affairs. The Irish-American mobster Frank Costello and his organised crime organisation are pitted against the Massachusetts State Police in Scorsese’s brilliantly produced version of the entire event. By creating two spies who aim to supply intelligence to the criminal organisation and the police, William Monahan, the author, strikes gold.

movies like the departed

The film was loosely centred on the infamous gangster Whitey Bulger and his protege, the corrupt FBI agent John Connolly, with Leonardo DiCaprio portraying William “Billy” Costigan, Jr., the mole for Massachusetts State Police, and Matt Damon donning the role of Staff Sgt. Colin Sullivan, the mole for Jack Nicholson’s Francis “Frank” Costello. The 2006 movie was a box office and critical hit. Here is a list of films that we think are comparable to The Departed. Several films like The Departed are available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.


1. Infernal Affairs (2002)

Because The Departed is a remake of the hugely popular Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs is a foreign action thriller about a mole in a police department and an undercover cop that has a similar plot to The Departed.

2. Shark Tale (2004)

Shark Tale is a genuinely wise pick if you liked movies like The Departed but have young kids who shouldn’t be exposed to such brutality.

It’s one of the few animated films that genuinely concentrate on a tale about the criminal underworld, and Martin Scorsese gets his one and only voice acting part in it. Watch if you like: criminal films with a family-friendly feel.

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3. The Irishman (2019)

The Irishman is a historical motion picture. This could be the last movie to combine such acting nobility on screen at the same time, since Scorsese and his stars, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, are all nearing the conclusion of their careers.

Fresh faces aren’t quite common in The Irishman because The Departed has a more contemporary feel than many of Scorsese’s films, but there is an obvious connection between the mob backdrop and criminal enterprise. Watch Scorsese’s Legacy if you like.

4. Shutter Island (2010)

The Departed was one among Martin Scorsese and Leonard DiCaprio’s earlier joint productions, but Shutter Island represented a development in their working relationship. Additionally, as DiCaprio was the sole subject of the entire movie, it gave him the opportunity to assume a more prominent position.

5. Blood Diamond (2006)

When Leonardo Di Caprio wasn’t busy portraying his character in The Departed, he was also starring in the hugely popular 2006 movie Blood Diamond, which also explores themes of crime and corruption but this time takes place in Sierra Leone during the Civil War and places conflict diamonds at the centre of the conflict.

Danny Archer (Leonardo Di Caprio), a white Zimbabwean mercenary and veteran of the Angolan War, is charged with recovering a particularly huge stone that was discovered by Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), a prisoner of war.

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6. American Gangster

The movie American criminal is based on the life of North Carolina criminal Frank Lucas, who smuggled heroin into the country using American military aircraft coming home from the Vietnam War. A cat and mouse pursuit is set up as Richie Roberts, a detective, tries to bring down Lucas’ drug enterprise.

Both films depict how the lives of criminals and law enforcement personnel are linked, as well as the moral choices they must make in their own lives.

7. We Own The Night (2007)

In the 1988 Brooklyn, New York-set action film We Own The Night, a nightclub owner tries to protect his brother from the Russian mafia. The main themes of the novel are drugs and violence as lawlessness and crime overwhelm New York and the police try to maintain control of the situation.

Mark Wahlberg’s character, Captain Joseph “Joe” Grusinsky, and Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Robert “Bobby” Green, have taken very different trajectories; while Bobby (who has adopted his mother’s maiden name) is a prosperous nightclub proprietor, Joe has chosen to follow in the footsteps of their father, Deputy Chief Albert “Burt” Grusinsky (Robert Duvall).

Things get out of hand after Joe breaks into Bobby’s club to find a Russian mobster and gets hit by the Russian.

Along with Mark Wahlberg’s participation in the cast, the crime-focused plot, themes of loyalty and betrayal, and two remarkably distinct but inextricably linked characters remind one of The Departed.

8. The Infiltrator (2016)

US Customs special agent Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston) goes undercover to investigate a money-laundering conspiracy for drug lords under the guise of “Bob Musella” in this additional crime thriller based on the experiences of a single character.

Robert has the chance to reveal the financial transgressions of Pablo Escobar, the most notorious drug lord in history, as he works his way deeper and deeper into the workings of the biggest cartel in the world.

Mazur has the chance to make a significant arrest and make a difference in the fight against organised crime, much as Billy Costigan in The Departed. But he must live in order to achieve that.

Do you have any other recommendations for Movies like the Departed. Let us know in the comment section.

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