10 Motivational Movies Like The Blind Side In 2023

Movies like The Blind Side never fail to move viewers’ hearts and stir their emotions with their uplifting tales of the triumph of the human spirit.

The Blind Side, a critically acclaimed movie that gave Sandra Bullock her first Oscar, tells the tale of Michael, a homeless boy who was adopted by a family that encouraged his desire to play football despite his limitations.The Blind Side, which debuted in 2009, was a massive box-office success that made more than $300 million worldwide (according to Box Office Mojo).

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1. Invictus (2000) – Movies Like The Blind

Invictus, directed by Clint Eastwood, reimagines a historic scene in which President Nelson Mandela rallies the people of South Africa to support a rugby team competing in the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

It is a victorious reminder that showing compassion and generosity can go a long way in the face of challenging difficulties, including standout performances by Morgan Freeman as Mandela and Matt Damon as the former president.

2. Remember The Titans (2000) – Movies Like The Blind

Remember the Titans, a film about a football coach hired by an underdog high school squad, must, of course, be the list’s capper.

The sports film Remember the Titans is a classic. Remember the Titans taught us that our identity shouldn’t stand in the way of achieving better things, in contrast to other films like Friday Night Lights and Rocky that inspired us by embracing our inner underdogs.

Even though it adheres to many sports-related clichés, Remember the Titans achieved something truly amazing for later football films.

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3. Moneyball (2011) – Movies Like The Blind

Sports films typically don’t appeal to non-sports fans, but Moneyball succeeds in telling an inclusive tale of baseball’s most ground-breaking findings.

Billy Beane, portrayed by Brad Pitt, is the manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. With the use of statistics, he completely changes the way his team plays!

Moneyball encompasses more than simply baseball; as a result, you don’t need to be an expert in the game to enjoy it. Moneyball, which juggles its plays like a science experiment, is ultimately entertaining.

4. Lion(2016) – Movies Like The Blind

This movie is for you if you’re looking for a heartwarming tearjerker. The story told in “Lion” is genuinely astounding, and it will change the way you view the importance of home and family.

Your heartstrings will definitely be tugged by Patel’s portrayal, and Pawar is wonderful as a young Saroo. (Watch Patel and Pawar together at the Oscars if you want to witness something utterly sweet.)

You might need to visit a doctor to have that checked out if the end credits scene doesn’t make you cry. Nicole Kidman will be there to console you, so don’t worry.

5. 42 (2013) – Movies Like The Blind

Jackie Robinson, the first black athlete to compete for Major League Baseball (MLB) in the 1940s, is the subject of the film 42.

When 42 came out in 2013, it went unnoticed by many viewers, but those who do get a chance to see it will discover brilliance in the late Chadwick Boseman’s outstanding performance as Robinson.

Harrison Ford, Nicole Beharie, and Christopher Meloni are among the film’s superb supporting players, and they all deliver nuanced performances.

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6. Wild (2014) – Movies Like The Blind

It’s no surprise that “Wild” is such a hit given the talent behind it. Strayed is a gifted author with a distinctive voice, and this adaptation really brings forth those qualities.

Witherspoon, who is best known for portraying cheery, upbeat characters, is surprisingly well-suited for the part and fully embraces Cheryl’s darker tendencies.

The movie is ideal for Vallée’s distinctive directing style, which was famously exemplified in Season 1 of “Big Little Lies,” and one of its strongest points is the film’s many flashback scenes (for which Vallée is particularly noted). It might not motivate you to walk a thousand kilometres without planning, but it will hopefully motivate you to reflect on your life a little, albeit in a safer setting.

7. Hoop Dreams (1994) – Movies Like The Blind

The documentary Hoop Dreams tells the story of two Chicago high school boys who want to play basketball professionally.

Hoop Dreams, hailed as the best movie of the 1990s by critics like Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, is a potent example of what documentaries can accomplish when they transform insignificant details into lasting memories.

8. Eddie The Eagle (2015) – Movies Like The Blind

The feel-good emotions of Dexter Fletcher’s Eddie The Eagle, a film based on the true account of skier Michael “Eddie” Edwards during his years as an underdog, make it the ideal companion piece to films like The Blind Side!

In the movie, Taron Edgerton plays Edwards, an aspirant to Alberta’s 1988 Winter Olympics. Hugh Jackman, a snowplough driver who had been kicked off the Olympic squad, offered to train Edwards after he was disqualified to help him win the race.

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9. Blue Crush – Movies Like The Blind

“Blue Crush” is nonetheless a spectacular ride with interesting characters and pulse-pounding surfing action, despite the Hollywoodized narrative and the superfluous romantic subplot (along with some less-than-stellar CGI).

Rodriguez is particularly well-cast as a tough-as-nails surfer chick, but it’s enjoyable to see all of the female characters in the movie succeed in their endeavours.

10. Dead Poets Society – Movies Like The Blind

Thematic movies that centre around motivational teachers are among the most alluring examples of moving, heartwarming movies. Stories about teachers are full with tragedy, and the greatest of them can impact even the most stoic individuals.

They are similar to films that follow passionate coaches seeking to bring success to their teams. The finest of the best can be found in “Dead Poets Society,” another motivational movie featuring Robin Williams.

I hope you enjoyed our collection that we added under movies like the blind side.If you have few more suggestions do let us know in the comment section.

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