12 Most Funniest Movies Like Superbad

Movies Like Superbad: It resembles attempting to capture lightning twice in a bottle. To relive the magic of Greg Mottola’s 2007 film Superbad would be to win over a generation of people.

The groundbreaking collaboration between guts Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg on screenplays turned out to be the springboard for their already thriving careers.

This 21st-century classic features dirty cops, drunken teenagers, and Hawaiian organ donors. While it hasn’t been matched, there are a few movies that have striking parallels. These are the top 12 movies like Superbad.

Movies Like Superbad
Movies Like Superbad

As they navigate the final weeks of high school, Seth and Evan, who are best friends, become inseparable. Usually ignored by the popular kids, Seth and Evan manage to get an invitation to a party. With the aid of their geeky friend Fogell, they spend a long day attempting to obtain enough alcohol to lubricate the party and get two girls, Jules and Becca, wasted so they can start having sex and head off to college with a summer full of newfound experience and abilities. Fogell’s association with two incompetent police officers complicates their quest by impeding and even aiding the scheme.

12 Best Comedy Movies Like Superbad

1. 21 and Over (2013) – Movies Like Superbad

On the eve of a crucial medical school interview, Straight-A college student Jeff Chang’s two closest friends treat him to a quick beer on his 21st birthday. What was meant to be a lighthearted celebration turns into an evening filled with humiliation, excess, and pure debauchery.

21 and Over
Movies Like Superbad

2. Easy A (2010) – Movies Like Superbad

Easy A demonstrates that any gender can play the lead role in a sultry sex comedy. The main character in Easy A is accused by her classmates of being promiscuous, but in reality, she is innocent of all the charges made against her, which adds to the novel’s intrigue.

Easy A (2010)
Movies Like Superbad

But Olive, played by Emma Stone, was so incensed about the charges that she went public with the role to give her classmates a surprise they wouldn’t have expected. Although it was based on The Scarlet Letter, the film also honors films like Sixteen Candles and Say Anything that also had an impact on Superbad.

3. Good Boys (2019) – Movies Like Superbad

What Good Boys is all about is taking the kids from Superbad, making them about five years younger, and putting them in situations that not even the actors were allowed to see in theatres without parental supervision. The film was produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who also wrote the script for Superbad.

Good Boys (2019)
Movies Like Superbad

In the movie Good Boys, three boys in the sixth grade go to a party with their popular classmates. The boys grow apart, struggle, and finally get back together. With middle school kids learning about adult situations, it is the closest thing a movie can get to Superbad.

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4. Neighbors (2014) – Movies Like Superbad

Though it’s not quite a Seth Rogen screenplay exploit—you’ll have to wait for the sequel—it is nonetheless reminiscent of Superbad. funny and raucous for the whole duration. Neighbors is a documentary that centers on newlyweds who are compelled to live in close proximity to a fraternity.

Neighbors (2014)
Movies Like Superbad

They initially make an effort to be polite and even friendly with the neighbors, but once the police get involved, a war breaks out. At best endearing, sentimental. Neighbors is a joyfull films that will sate your desire for movies like Superbad.

5. The Hangover (2009) – Movies Like Superbad

The Hangover became one of the highest-grossing R-rated films of all time in the midst of the surge in R-rated comedies in the latter part of the 2000s. Another hilarious adventure from Todd Phillips, this film features a group of friends having a wild night out. The Hangover, on the other hand, addresses the fallout, in contrast to Superbad, which follows the characters on their inebriated journey.

movies like the hangover
Movies Like Superbad

The film revolves around three men who find out the groom is missing when they wake up from a disorienting bachelor party night in Las Vegas. The mystery gives the film an additional thrilling component and helps it win a Golden Globe for Best Comedy.

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6. Adventureland (2009) – Movies Like Superbad

Adventureland is similar to Superbad in many aspects, but it has a more somber tone. Bill Hader and Martin Starr are among the Superbad actors who star in the period comedy, which was written and directed by Greg Mottola. Jesse Eisenberg plays a young man who works summers at an amusement park before going to college in this 1980s set film.

Movies Like Superbad
Movies Like Superbad

The joy of partying and falling in love among young people on the verge of a new stage in their lives is captured in the film. Eisenberg captures the same tense and endearing comic energy that Michael Cera does so brilliantly in Superbad, and Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Stewart both deliver outstanding supporting turns.

7. Blue Mountain State (2010) – Movies Like Superbad

Blue Mountain State chronicles the college years of awkward best friend Sammy and underachieving backup quarterback Alex Moran of one of the winningest programs in college football as they attempt to juggle partying, girls, football, and sometimes even school.

Movies Like Superbad
Movies Like Superbad

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8. Booksmart (2019) – Movies Like Superbad

The sweetness and heart that Superbad possesses are what make it the best part of the film, not all the crude and vulgar jokes. Olivia Wilde’s film Booksmart, which is directed by her, is an excellent choice for anyone searching for heartfelt Superbad-like films.

Movies Like Superbad
Movies Like Superbad

With two high school girls instead of two high school guys, the film retells the traditional coming-of-age tale in a plot that is almost exactly like Superbad. One of the best young adult films of the past ten years, the movie took home the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature.

9. Very Good Girls (2013) – Movies Like Superbad

Lilly and Gerri, two best friends, get a chance to let go of their idealized good girl personas during the summer before they start college. Both girls desire to discover more about themselves and give up their virginity. However, instead of being the pleasant coming-of-age summer that the two girls had hoped for, their friendship could be destroyed by their dark and dissimilar home lives as well as the arrival of a bad boy.

Movies Like Superbad
Movies Like Superbad

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10. Knocked Up (2007) – Movies Like Superbad

Seth Rogen was involved in Judd Apatow’s film and television productions before he started producing his own films. He and Katherine Heigl, star of ER, starred in the 2007 comedy Knocked Up. Rogen plays a slacker in the movie who, despite knowing that the woman is out of his league, hooks up with her for a one-night fling.

Movies Like Superbad
Movies Like Superbad

But when she becomes pregnant, the two have to confront the implications and decide if they can live together or not. It is easy to see Seth (played by Jonah Hill) from Superbad mature and find himself in a similar circumstance.

11. Sausage Party (2016) – Movies Like Superbad

It’s not even close to being raunchy. One of the more contentious films that has recently been released in theaters is Sausage Party, a screenplay collaboration between the aforementioned pair and Jonah Hill.

Movies Like Superbad
Movies Like Superbad

The most sexually explicit animated film ever made surprised countless parents who had brought their children to see what they thought would be a children’s film. It’s very different from Superbad in terms of content, but it has the same kind of bedroom humor that makes Superbad so beloved.

12. Blockers (2018) – Movies Like Superbad

From the parents’ perspective, it was a dark night. A similar formula turned upside down. Three girls make a vow to become virgins during and after prom. When their parents learn of this, they devise a complex scheme to foil the plan. I would heartily recommend Blockers as a raunchy new take on the teen sex comedy because it is endearing, clever, and consistently funny.

Movies Like Superbad
Movies Like Superbad


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