Fukrey 3, new release date of September 28.

The first two Fukrey films were commercial hits, and the series has grown in popularity over time. The public won’t have to wait long for the release of the third instalment, Fukrey 3, which is sure to delight viewers.

Iss baar hoga chamatkaar, straight from Jamnapaar!” The Fukras are back with 3X more fukrapanti.

Fukrey 3

Fukrey 3 Cast and their roles

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Fukrey 3 Release Date

Fukrey 3which was originally supposed to come out on December now has new release date of September 28. Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh, Pankaj Tripathi, and Richa Chadha are among the outstanding ensemble cast members of the film, which was directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba and is produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar. The highly awaited film’s trailer will debut next week together with Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan.

Fukrey 3

More about Fukrey..

Fukrey Returns


The Fukrey Returns follows the adventures of four friends – Vikas Gulati (Hunny), Dilip Singh (Choocha), Lali, and Zafar – who are enjoying their college life in Delhi. Hunny and Zafar are in relationships with Priya and Neetu, respectively, and have plans to marry them.

Bholi Punjaban, a notorious criminal, is released from jail after a year and seeks revenge on the quartet. She questions their plan to deceive her but gives them a chance and invests money in opening a Lottery Shop.

The Lottery Shop becomes popular, and Choocha’s unique ability to see the future helps attract more customers. However, a corrupt minister, Babulal Bhatia, uses his power to manipulate the lottery numbers, causing anger among the customers. The quartet escapes a mob by jumping into a river and later discovers Choocha’s newfound ability to see the future through his dreams.


Bholi forgives them due to Choocha’s ability and asks them to find a hidden treasure. In exchange, they demand their freedom. Meanwhile, Babulal manipulates the quartet into helping him with his political schemes.

The quartet takes the blame for Babulal’s misdeeds and is imprisoned. Bholi helps them get released and asks for their assistance in finding the treasure. Babulal, on the other hand, discovers Bholi’s plan and tries to thwart her.

To find the treasure, the quartet, along with their love interests and Bholi’s guards, embarks on an adventure involving a tiger cub, a cave, and a huge stash of illegal goods. They expose Babulal’s wrongdoings, leading to his downfall.

In the end, the quartet opens an electronics shop with the goods they discovered and marries their respective partners. The film concludes with a joyous celebration in Goa.

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Fukrey Returns Cast and their roles:

  • Pulkit Samrat as Vikas Gulati aka Hunny: Lali, Zafar and Choocha’s best friend and Priya’s husband
  • Manjot Singh as Lali Halwai: Billa’s son and Hunny, Zafar and Choocha’s best friend
  • Ali Fazal as Zafar Khan: Lali, Hunny and Choocha’s best friend and Neetu’s husband
  • Varun Sharma as Dilip Singh aka Choocha: Hunny, Zafar and Lali’s best friend and Bholi’s husband
  • Rajiv Gupta as Minister Babulal Bhatia
  • Pallavi Batra as Namita (hotel receptionist)
  • Priya Anand as Priya Sharma: Hunny’s girlfriend-turned-wife
  • Vishakha Singh as Neetu Singh: Zafar’s girlfriend-turned-wife
  • Pankaj Tripathi as Panditji
  • Purnendu Bhattacharya as Brijmohan (Delhi Chief Minister)
  • V S Prince Ratan as News Reporter
  • Ishtiyak Khan as Tiddey
  • Neelu Kohli as Choocha’s mother
  • Richa Chaddha as Bholi Punjaban: a former gangster; Choocha’s love interest-turned-wife
  • Nalneesh Neel as Mangu
  • Sanjana Sanghi as Katty
  • Chitranjan Tripathi as Eunuch
  • Shreekant Verma as Babulal P.A.
  • Nataša Stanković in a special appearance in the song “Mehbooba”

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