Fun Facts About Eddie Stranger Things

‘Cause I’m gonna graduate. I think it’s my year, Henderson. I think it’s finally my year. I love you, man.
Eddie’s last words to Dustin, March 27, 1986

Edward “Eddie” Munson, portrayed by Joseph Quinn, was a main character in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Eddie was a Hawkins High School student and the eccentric head of the Hellfire Club, an after-school organisation centred on role-playing games of Dunedin. In addition to being Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Mike Wheeler’s friend, he played electric guitar in the band Corroded Coffin.

Eddie was present when his buddy Chrissy Cunningham was horrifyingly killed by a demonic force in 1986. This inspired him to pursue justice for Chrissy and teamed up with “The Party” and its allies to look into the murder’s motive. Additionally, Jason Carver, Chrissy’s boyfriend, made Eddie his tragic target. Jason thought Eddie was the person who killed Chrissy, so he organized his basketball team to find Eddie.

Eddie Stranger Things
Eddie Stranger Things

In the end, Eddie and his friends learned that Chrissy’s death was caused by “Vecna,” a humanoid creature from “the Upside Down,” an other reality, and that she was still killing similar victims. Eventually, Eddie managed to divert Vecna’s Demobats with the use of heavy metal music, while the others attacked the Creel House.

Unfortunately, Eddie’s attempt to entice the bats away ultimately proved fatal. Eddie was falsely accused of being a murderer and cult leader in the days that followed, but Dustin comforted his distraught uncle by telling him that those who knew Eddie well would never remember him that way.

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Expert Guitarist: Eddie played guitar with his band Corroded Coffin during his time in middle and high school. He showed off his exceptional guitar playing when he performed Master of Puppets to draw in the demo-bats in the Upside Down.

Physical Strength: While the gang looked for him, Eddie discovered he could easily manhandle Steve Harrington in a wrestle. But one might also argue that at that very moment, adrenaline was giving him strength since he was extremely stressed out from having seen Chrissy killed and worried he would be held responsible.

Eddie Stranger Things
Eddie Stranger Things

Eddie’s father taught him how to hot-wire automobiles, and he subsequently helped the Party when they needed to “borrow” an RV trailer.


1.Who plays eddie in stranger things?

Joseph Quinn (born 1993 or 1994) is an English actor. He is best known for his role as Eddie Munson in the fourth season of the Netflix series Stranger Things (2022).

2.How old is eddie from stranger things?

Joseph Quinn (born May 15, 1993) is 29 years old.

3.How did eddie die in stranger things?

Eventually, Eddie used the power of heavy metal to distract Vecna’s swarm of Demobats as the others launched an assault at the Creel House; unluckily for Eddie, the bid to lure away the bats ultimately costed him his life.

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