“Britney Spears confesses to a secret chapter in her past, revealing that she once strayed from her relationship with Justin Timberlake with choreographer Wade Robson.

According to extracts from her upcoming memoir, Britney Spears underwent an abortion
after becoming pregnant with Justin Timberlake.

Britney Spears Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears admitted to cheating on Justin Timberlake in her new memoir, “The Woman
In Me.”

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Spears claimed in her writing that she “made out” with Wade Robson, a choreographer.

In their late teens, between 1999 and 2002, the pop sensation couple dated.

Spears made the confession in her new memoir, “The Woman In Me,” published on Tuesday.

“We were out one night and we went to a Spanish bar. We danced and danced. I made out
with him that night,” the singer wrote.

“I was loyal to Justin for years, only had eyes for him with that one exception, which
I admitted to him,” Spears continued. “That night was chalked up to something that will
happen when you’re as young as we were, and Justin and I moved past it and stayed together.””There were a couple of times during our relationship when I knew Justin had cheated
on me,” she wrote. “Especially because I was so infatuated and so in love, I let it
go, even though the tabloids seemed determined to rub my face in it.”

In one instance, Spears said, Timberlake bragged to one of her dancers about hooking
up with another woman while on a night out in Las Vegas.

“There were rumors about him with various dancers and groupies. I let it all go,
but clearly, he’d slept around,” Spears wrote. “It was one of those things where
you know but you just don’t say anything.”

Parts of the book that were published in People magazine said that Justin was
“not happy” about Britney being pregnant.

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“He said we weren’t ready to have a baby in our lives,” she says.

“It was a surprise, but for me, it wasn’t a tragedy. I loved Justin so much,”
she writes. “I always expected us to have a family together one day. This
would just be much earlier than I’d anticipated. Besides, what was done was

Justin, meanwhile, “certainly wasn’t happy about the pregnancy,” the singer stated
. He claimed that because we were still so young, we weren’t prepared to become parents.

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