8 Best Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows That You Must Watch

At the age of seven, Aimee made her professional stage debut in Paul Mejia’s “Cinderella” at The Auditorium Theatre. She is a native of Chicago and is of Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage. She began dancing in 20 performances of “The Nutcracker” as “Clara” at the age of twelve. She became a member of the Young People’s Company, whose former members include Aidan Quinn, Jeremy Piven, Joan Cusack, John Cusack, and Lili Taylor. In this article, we have collected Aimee Garcia’s Movies and TV shows that will let you know her more.

Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows
Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows

Aimee earned a triple major in economics, journalism, and French from Northwestern University. She was hand-picked by Norman Lear to star in his pilot-in-development, The Chavez Family, while she was a student at Northwestern University. She also played the lead role of Diana Morales in “A Chorus Line” for Broadway choreographer Mitzi Hamilton. This led to a two-year contract with Paramount Television.

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8 Best Aimee Garcia Movies and TV Shows

1. RoboCop (2014)

In 2028, OmniCorp, a multinational conglomerate, is at the forefront of robotic technology. The military has been using their drones abroad for years, and that has resulted in billions of dollars in revenue for OmniCorp. OmniCorp now sees a great opportunity to introduce their contentious technology to the home front.

Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows
Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows

OmniCorp sees their opportunity for a part-robot, part-man police officer when Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), a devoted husband, father, and good cop trying to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit, is critically injured in the line of duty.

2. Lucifer (2019)

After growing bored with his sulky existence in hell, Lucifer Morningstar moves to Los Angeles. While there, he uses his experience and telepathic abilities to pull people’s innermost thoughts and desires out of them, helping humanity with its suffering.

Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows
Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows

A shootout between him and the Detective during their meeting at Lux, his nightclub, inspires him to become an LAPD consultant who works to hold criminals accountable for their actions through the application of the law.

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3. The Cases of Mystery Lane (2023)

Birdie Case is a successful attorney, but her husband Alden’s indecisiveness about his career is causing tension in their marriage. When Alden secretly takes classes to become a private investigator and gets involved in a murder case, he must come clean to Birdie to unravel the mystery. However, he begins to suspect that Birdie may be hiding her own secrets.

Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows
Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows

Birdie Case, portrayed by Aimee Garcia, is a lawyer who unfortunately has a cunning boss who also happens to be her mother. She is wed to Paul Campbell’s character, Alden Case, a slightly eccentric goofball with a history of fads and schemes rather than a real career.

He’s currently studying private investigation at a community college, but Birdie believes he’s going to get an accounting degree. When Tim, Birdie’s boss (Ryan Mah), shows up swinging from a noose in his office, the two aren’t on the same page!

4. Christmas with You (2022)

Garcia, 44, portrays pop singer Angelina, who is seeking motivation after experiencing burnout. Garcia described Angelina to Us Weekly only, saying, “I think we can all relate to her being a workaholic and career woman who’s afraid to put her heart on the line.” “She faces a challenge when the endearing Freddie Prinze Jr. enters her life and somewhat upends everything.”

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5. Murder at Yellowstone City (2022)

In search of a place to call home, a former slave travels to Yellowstone City, Montana, a barren former boomtown that is currently on the decline. A local prospector finds gold that same day, but he is also killed.

Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows
Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows

Aimee Garcia, played the role of Isabel, who is the saloon madame who oversees the finances and serves as the business’s CEO. She oversees both the school and the other girls.

6. Dexter (2011-2013)

In addition to being attractive and intelligent, he has a wonderful sense of humour. He’s the serial killer everyone loves to hate, Dexter Morgan. He works nights committing crimes and days solving them as a Miami forensics specialist.

Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows

Dexter’s adherence to a rigid code of honour, however, serves as both his lifelong burden and his saving grace. Dexter is a man deeply at odds with both the outside world and himself, driven as he is by his lethal compulsion and his quest for genuine happiness. Michael C. Hall, a Golden Globe winner, is the star of the popular SHOWTIME Original Series.

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7. Woke (2022)

Black-American cartoonist Keef is about to become well-known when he has an unanticipated event that alters his course in life.

Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows

Aimee Garcia portrays Laura. She is a self-made, tough-minded venture capitalist from Silicon Valley. Keef’s approach and passion for social justice catch her attention, and she offers him a substantial sum of money to support his cause. Even though they both want the same thing, her corporate business approach to bringing about change might put too many obstacles in their way.

8. What They Had (2018)

On a snowy Christmas Eve, Ruth, an elderly woman suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, leaves her house. Her husband Burt contacts the police, his son Nick, and other authorities. After his sister Bridget takes a plane to Chicago with her daughter Emma, Nick gives her a call. At the hospital, Ruth has been located.

What They Had
Aimee Garcia Movies and Tv Shows

She is fine, but action must be taken. Since he recently purchased a large convertible and is enjoying wintertime driving with the top down, Burt is also completely distracted. Ruth’s condition is something he refuses to accept, and he longs to move to Florida with her. Nick shows his sister his bar and talks about getting a power of attorney and putting his mother in a memory care facility.

As we conclude our cinematic journey through the diverse and captivating career of Aimee Garcia, we’ve explored the vast landscape of her talent across both the big and small screens. From heartfelt performances to thrilling moments, Garcia has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of drama, comedy, or suspense, there’s something for everyone in her impressive filmography.

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